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Less noble and yet valuable

Zinc is a versatile metal used. Nearly 90% of zinc is recovered by hydrometallurgical route. Only 10% are generated by thermal processes. Its very base property makes zinc very valuable to protect other metals from corrosion. Therefore, about 50% of the zinc produced is used worldwide for galvanizing steel.

Through decades of sewage sludge incineration activities, we have further developed our fluidized bed technology, so that today we are able to provide adequate plant technology for the roasting of sulphidic zinc concentrates. And not only that. We also take care of the entire roasting plant from the delivery of concentrate to the drying of gas using waste heat and product transport.

Our zinc recycling solutions from steelworks dusts are unique. Our OxyCup ® plants for recycling zinc-containing fly ash from the iron and steel industry not only help to recover iron metallically, but also to further enrich zinc in fly ash and thus recover it economically.

Associated core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • Fluidized Bed Technology
  • OxyCup Facilities
  • Exhaust Gas anagement Systems

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