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Complex feedstock from primary or secondary raw materials

Concentrates of primary and secondary resources have long been characterized by increasingly complex composition and increasing levels of unwanted impurities and elements posing particular challenges in process control and exhaust gas treatment.

Arsenic, mercury or chlorine-containing raw materials can be obtained on the markets on favorable terms and can be processed lucratively - if the plant technology ensures safe and environmentally friendly processing. With tailor-made solutions, Küttner can create its necessary competitive advantages for its customers and at the same time make an important indirect contribution to the closure of raw material cycles, even of complex raw materials.

Associated core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • TSL - Top Submerged Lance Bath Furnace
  • KTRC - Küttner Tiltable Rotary Converter
  • Shaft Furnaces
  • Peirce-Smith Converter
  • Anode Furnaces
  • KRPS - Küttner Refining and Purging System
  • Exhaust Gas Management Systems

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