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WEEE / electronic waste

Difficult feedstock with high profit potential

Electronic scrap, also referred to as WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), is becoming increasingly important in recycling. Due to the rapidly advancing digitization, electronic devices are not only becoming more and more powerful: they are being phased out at ever shorter intervals. For example, considerable amounts of electronic scrap are already being produced today, for which high-metal-containing fractions in the integrated metal smelters have recycling paths. However, there are also very complex high-energy, but relatively weak metal-containing electronic scrap fractions, for which metallurgical recycling was not economically attractive in the previous recycling routes.

Here, Küttner has developed and implemented process and plant solutions to economically close the raw materials cycle for such - supposedly unattractive - electronic scrap fractions.

This is based on the combination of sophisticated process control for the recovery of precious metals, heat recovery and production of a marketable mineral product while avoiding disposal costs.

Corresponding core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • KTRC - Küttner Tiltable Rotary Converter
  • TSL - Top Submerged Lance Furnace
  • Post Combustion Systems
  • Waste Heat Boiler Systems

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