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Slag and dross

Undreamt of metallurgical treasures

Slag and dross, which occur in significant amounts in every metallurgical process, have a very bad reputation as partially hazardous residues. Often rightly so, since the high heavy metal content does not allow its use as a mineral product. Only the slags, which have special standards and pass eluate tests, can today be used as building materials, blasting agents or for bank attachment. Many slags are therefore still deposited today, although they sometimes have high value metal contents, their recovery would be timely and useful.

However, with increasingly stringent landfill limits, this disposal route will be difficult or expensive in the future. Aftertreatment of the slags is required to sustainably maintain the limits.

Here, Küttner offers attractive solutions to metallurgically treat the slags so that they meet the requirements beyond the legal requirements. They can be approved as building materials and recycled, recycling costs are avoided. At the same time, skillful process management maximizes the selective recovery of recyclables from these slags and decouples energy from the process. There is a win-win situation for the environment and for the operator.

Associated core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • KTRC - Küttner Tiltable Rotary Converter
  • TSL - Top Submerged Lance Bath Furnace
  • SBF - Side Blowing Furnace
  • Shaft Furnaces
  • Post Combustion Systems
  • Waste Heat Boiler Systems


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