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Vision Systems

Moulding box control

Whether machine molding or hand casting: no foundry can get around the box! In order to be able to achieve uniform casting in close tolerances and with the highest quality, each individual box together with the pressed molding material must be flawless. The inspection of the molding boxes is therefore fundamental and should be done very carefully, despite short cycle rates. Küttner Automation has developed a reliable system that can be integrated into existing molding lines and, thanks to a secure basis for decision-making, ensures less scrap.



  • Plant control
  • Part handling
  • Machining of components
  • Assembly
  • Quality control

Online quality control


  • Early fault detection
  • continuous process
  • non-contact measurement
  • Continuous documentation

Examination characteristics

  • Shape, size and dimensional accuracy
  • Position, location and orientation
  • Completeness of drill holes
  • Surface condition
  • core and form defects
  • Casting defects
  • Code recognition

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