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Recooling systems

Recooling systems

Within the scope of energy technology, Küttner also builds large recooling systems designed for special applications.

An impressive example is the recooling system of a large blast furnace.

Re-Cooling system (air-cooled)

Water flow rate:   5.000 m³/h; 55°C
Capacity:   45,9 MW

ThyssenKrupp Steel, DE


alle Referenzen

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Duisburg (DE)

Air-cooled recooling circuit for blast furnace cooling


ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt

Eisenhüttenstadt (DE)

Air-cooled recooling circuit for blast furnace cooling


Emschergenossenschaft Bottrop

Bottrop (DE)

Air-cooled recooling circuit for the turbine condenser


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