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Industrial wastewater

Treatment of industrial wastewater

The selective removal of disturbing parameters is the focus of attention on the increasingly important resource water, which Küttner devotes to the design and construction of water treatment plants with a ceramic flat membrane especially for industrial wastewater.

With clean water and its availability as the "challenge of the 21st century" Küttner is dedicated to another challenge. As a food as well as a coveted means of production in the industry, the importance of this resource is increasing, causing global governments and consequently industry and manufacturing companies to close cycles.

Küttner deliberately aims to help its customers reduce the amount of untreated waste water - and this with water treatment plants for industrial wastewater, especially for water generated by mining mines and metallurgical production. The installed water treatment systems reduce the environmental impact and improve the availability of clean water (for showers, drinking water and production) even in remote locations, thus enabling and increasing water recycling and safe reuse.

The industry's need for safe, low-maintenance and low-energy and low-chemical water treatment plants is acute. In the design of the water treatment plants, Küttner takes advantage of the numerous advantages of the ceramic membrane (lower operating costs, longer service life, high resistance and much more). The ultrafiltration technology enables the retention of the smallest particles larger than 200 nm from the medium. Due to the precise solid-liquid separation yield rates of up to 98% can be achieved. Above all, the high stability against mechanical, chemical and thermal loads allow the application of the ceramic membrane for demanding industrial wastewater. The ceramic membranes are used in particular because of the excellent chemical resistance, if in the process to a highly effective chemical cleaning, which are caused by blocking especially by mineral scaling as well as (biological) fouling arrives.

Corresponding pre-treatment stages such as precipitation and flocculation but also biological treatments optimize the targeted separation of undesired parameters, so that set limit values are met with low use of chemicals and energy. Thus, according to the specification, both heavy metals and, among others, P, Fe, Mn, As, Ra and CN as well as COD and BOD are removed / reduced. The focus is on extracting individual parameters in order to minimize the amount of retained / removed pollutants, ie brine, and hence landfill costs. Separated parameters can also be processed into products of commercial value.

While the problem differs from industry to industry, Küttner develops customized complete processes and water treatment systems according to the water composition. Laboratory tests with water samples make it possible to estimate the feasibility of individual process steps; pilot plants take on this task on a larger scale. Due to the modular design, the total footprint of the water treatment plant can also be kept to a minimum. The container design allows Küttner a fast and uncomplicated delivery, installation and commissioning on site. In addition to total solutions, as described above, the filtration unit can also be integrated into an existing system.

Key Advantages

  • Retention of smallest particles larger than 200 nm from the medium
  • Yield rates of up to 98%

  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Improving the availability of clean water for showers, drinking water and production even in remote locations
  • Enabling water recycling and safe reuse

  • High operational safety
  • Maintenance, energy and chemical-poor water treatment plants


  • Design and layout of the water treatment plant based on ultrafiltration
  • Installation and operation of the filtration systems
  • Training and process optimization
  • In addition to classic plant construction, operator models are also conceivable

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