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Indispensable for our mobility

The main use of lead today are accumulators or car starter batteries, where about 80% of the lead produced is used. At the same time, the recycling efficiency of lead spent batteries, also thanks to effective collection and return systems, is very high worldwide. Due to its toxicity, however, lead has been heavily criticized by society for decades. In recent decades, it has therefore disappeared more and more from everyday use. Therefore, the highest plant and occupational safety standards are rightly required in the production and processing of lead.

Almost all of our customers today include European lead producers who have established the highest standards worldwide. Through our services and products, we contribute to ensuring that it remains so in the future. Today, recycling of lead-containing slags is in the foreground. We have developed process and plant solutions to reduce lead levels in these slags below acceptable levels while recovering other valuable metals besides lead.

A win-win situation for the environment and for the companies, who not only avoid disposal costs and sustainably secure their plant operation, but also help to ensure that valuable materials are returned to the raw materials cycle.

Associated core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • TSL - Top Submerged Lance Bath Furnace
  • KTRC - Küttner Tiltable Rotary Converter
  • SBF Side Blowing Furnace
  • Shaft Furnaces
  • Exhaust Gas Management Systems

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