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Waste heat recovery

Exploit energy-intensive processes optimally

The processes in non-ferrous metallurgy are often very exothermic. For example, in the smelting of sulfur-containing primary raw materials or in the thermal processing of highly organic residues, hot process gases are produced. The worst solution would be simply to destroy the energy contained in it by a simple exhaust gas cooling.

Energy recovery is usually required by the authorities when constructing new facilities.

As part of our exhaust management concepts, we offer solutions for new plants as well as for the modernization of old plants in order to decouple as much energy as technically possible and at the same time economically feasible from the hot process gases. Be it in the form of steam for the supply of local and district heating networks, as well as in the form of electricity.

Naturally, the characteristics as well as the composition of the process gases play a decisive role in the selection of the possible technologies. Due to our broad spectrum of experience, we are well acquainted with it.

Associated core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • Heat Pipe / Ecostat heat exchanger air / air
  • Ecoflow heat transfer systems with thermal oil, water
  • Heat recovery with waste heat boiler systems based on steam, thermal oil or water - with and without power generation
  • Heat storage plants
  • Recooling systems dry and wet cooling

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