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Industrial metal with extended recycling potential

Copper is one of the oldest of human beings and today one of the most widely used industrial metals. A feature of copper, which is becoming increasingly interesting today, is that it is considered to be an outstanding collector of precious metals, so that precious metal-containing secondary scrap are increasingly used in the copper industry. Due to the increasing complexity of this scrap, however, independent process routes are increasingly being created in which copper serves as collecting metal.

An important secondary source of precious metals z. As catalysts and electronic waste. Unfortunately, these residues contain a range of chemical elements and compounds that are not or not included in the copper concentrates to such an extent, such. As bromine, chlorine, mercury or persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and fluorocarbons (CFCs).

With our tailor-made technologies, we not only cover the entire pyrometallurgical part of the copper process chain by means of melting, converting and refining, but also have the necessary solutions to meaningfully integrate complex residues into the existing process chain or to create new process chains.

We always have the whole thing in view. For this reason, in combination with the thermal process technology, innovative and cost-effective solutions for effective exhaust gas treatment are implemented at the same time in order to meet the environmental requirements sustainably.

Associated core technologies of the Küttner Group

  • TSL - Top Submerged Lance Bath Furnace
  • KTRC - Küttner Tiltable Rotary Converter
  • Shaft Furnaces
  • Peirce-Smith Converter
  • Anode Furnaces
  • KRPS - Küttner Refining and Purging System
  • Exhaust Gas Management Systems

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