Heat recovery

The consistent use of process heat saves valuable primary energy and thus reduces CO2 emissions.

  • ECOSTAT® HeatPipe
    If heat sources and consumers are close together, our ECOSTAT® HeatPipes are used. For aggressive media, we ensure high availability with our PFA Corrosive Protection. As for example with Winderhitzeranlagen. Increased wind temperatures or reduced heavy gas consumption combined with minimal maintenance lead to shortest payback periods.
  • ecoflow®
    ECOFLOW is a versatile heat recovery system for the extraction of waste heat, such as:

    For the preheating of fuel gas and combustion air by means of waste heat recovery from the exhaust gases of the blast furnaces or from the exhaust air of         sintered coolers

    For hot water generation for district and local heating, for steam generation or for feedwater pre-heating by means of waste heat recovery from the exhaust air of sintered coolers
  • Chillers
    Küttner designs and supplies complete systems for demand-based re-cooling of heat transfer media from a wide range of processes using air-cooled finned tube registers or cooling towers.

    Closed circle
    Minimization of make-up water
    Good controllability

The strengths of Küttner

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