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Level 2 Systems

MetPC • Metallurgy PC

The goal of MetPC is to achieve extremely low sulfur content in metal processing in short treatment times. For this purpose desulphurising agents are injected via a lance system, which reacts with the metal and the slag. A specially developed software solution for mono-, co- or multi-injection of desulphurising agents helps to optimize time and costs. The desulphurisation recipes are automatically calculated on the basis of a mathematical model and calculated online.

Key Advantages

  • cost / time-optimized calculation of treatment recipes
  • determines and documents the final sulfur content
  • optimized use of different materials
  • Minimization in the consumption of desulphurising agents

Casting computer

A casting computer records all production- and quality-relevant data and also has a model for residual length optimization to minimize the production scrap.

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