Coking technology

Coking technology - efficient and environmentally friendly

KUETTNER and its subsidiary KUETTNER HuDe GmbH are leaders in providing emission-free coke production technologies. Environmental protection, coke quality and economic efficiency are at the forefront.

The main focus of our activities is in the coal handling and coke production around the coke oven battery. The KUETTNER HuDe team combines long term experience with today’s best available technology for a most modern coke plant performance package. All our technological developments are designed for strict Environmental protection. 

Today “no visible emissions” on a coke plant is not any more a dream, it became more important than ever and applying KUETTNER HuDe process-controlled coke oven Technologies becomes reality all over the world. 

Our coke oven operating machines and equipment define state of art for such Technologies, enable compliance with all current and future realistic environmental requirements and are efficient and reliable. 

KUETTNER HuDe coke oven machine technology performance is not limited to the machines itself. Excellent machine performance is only possible if also the interfaces to the coke oven battery become an integral part of the overall system. 

KUETTNER HuDe provides standpipe automation systems, level controlled top charging, on board installed or stationary stamping units for side charging, logistic units like cranes and bucket cars for dry coke quenching on CDQ-plants, automation systems for man-less machine coordination, long term data recording, over all data communication systems, condition monitoring systems and much more. Automatically coordinated operation of the machine units enables an optimal process flow with minimum opening time for each individual oven chamber, ensuring highest energy efficiency.

Two main charging methods are available:

The proven "Top Charging Technology”

The ever more important "Side Charging Technology” (stamp charging)

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KUETTNER HuDe GmbH is a Full Service Provider for:

  •  Coke Oven Service and Operation Machines
  • Stamping Charging Pushing Machines
  • Pusher Machines
  • Charging Cars
  • Coke Gas Transfer Cars
  • Oven Top Service Machines
  • Coke Transfer Cars
  • Coke Guide Cars
  • Quenching Locos
  • Quenching Cars self-driven and idle
  • Bucket Cars self-driven and idle
  • Buckets
  • Hot Metal Ladle Cars
  • Cranes for CDQ Plant

  • Automation for Coke Oven Machines and Systems
  • Standpipe automation system (HSP HuDe Autostandpipe)
  • Auto positioning for oven machines (HDC HuDe Drive Control)
  • Optimization of oven charging (HLC HuDe Level Control) 
  • Control of stamping devices (HSC HuDe Stamping Control) 
  •  Process automation and visualization
  • Data communication systems

  • Coke Oven Operation Tools
  • Door Extractor
  • Door Cleaner
  • Frame Cleaner
  • Coke Guide Unit
  • Spillage Coke Handling System
  • Vacuum Cleaner and Cleaning System 
  • Buckstay Suction
  • Duct Interface and Filter Plant
  • Hood System
  • Coal Charging System
  • Charging Hole Cleaning Systems
  • Lid Luting devices
  • Standpipe Actuators

  • Emission Control
  • Coke side suction duct with infrastructure
  • Duct interface to the filter plant
  •  Land based filter plant
  • Mobile filter plant at the machine

Key Advantages

KUETTNER HuDe Performances:

  • Optimum Energy Usage
  • Smart System Integration
  • Monitoring System
  • Man-less Operation
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Environmental Protection
  • Safety
  • Spillage reduced Environment


  • Coke Oven Service and Operation Machines

  • Automation for Coke Oven Machines and Systems

  • Coke Oven Operation Tools

  • Emission Control

Our Partners

Kuettner and KUETTNER HuDe are leading providers of emission-free coking technologies, focusing on environment protection, coke quality and efficiency.

Coking Technology

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