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Pouring machines

Pouring machines within the Küttner portfolio, cover a wide range of requirements of our customers. For example, the highly automated green sand molding lines require high availability with ladle exchanges during the cycle, while no bake foundries often focus on greater flexibility.

The pouring machines are individually designed for use, taking into account capacities, iron logistics, dosing accuracy and casting requirements. The casting machines can be moveable or stationary, with automatic ladle exchange and with a vision system for liquid metal stream monitoring.

Our pouring machines are directly integrated into the Küttner molding systems. A decisive advantage for analytics: Küttner Automation offers an integrated interface for melting operation, so that melting analyses can be consistently assigned to the castings.

Küttner also offers inoculation dosing units as an accessory to the pouring machines. Dosage and discharge are done via magnetic vibration feeders directly into the metal stream.

Besondere Merkmale

  • Fully automatic pouring units
  • Automatic ladle exchange
  • Inoculant dosing
  • Batch tracking

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