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Molding loops

Handling systems for molds, cores and molding boxes

For the concept of a cold resin molding plant, not only the work steps for forming and core production, but also the provision of the models, the molding boxes and aids are considered. A good facility lives from the balanced performance of all workstations and a well-considered design of the equipment and areas.

For complete solutions, Küttner also looks at ventilation systems, crane systems, ladle transport systems and supplies modern, automated solutions.

Besondere Merkmale

Mix and fill

  • Mold / mouldhandling with roller conveyors, conveyor belts and transfer cars
  • Model / mold separation with pen detachments or outside cutters
  • Molded bales and box handling with rail-mounted manipulators with center of gravity displacement / compensation
  • Finishing stations for uniform application of alcohol and water-based sizes

Unsere Partner

Küttner has acquired the majority of I.M.F do Brasil in Brazil and serves the American market there as Küttner No-Bake solutions.

Kuttner No-Bake solutions


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