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Mixed sand reclamation

Reclamation of sand protects our natural resources

By selective shake-out, the green and core sand fractions can be largely separated from each other in the production of core-intensive castings such as engine blocks. By separating the fractions both a high green sand quality and a high recycling rate in the core production can be achieved.

After separating residual iron and breaking large lumps, the sand is dried with its residual heat and warmly reclaimed. After passing through the jet reclaimer and dedusting, the sand is cooled and statically discharged.

If required, Küttner also offers thermal reclamation systems.

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Key features of selective unpacking and mixed sand regeneration:

  • Lifting and separate ejection of the cope flask
  • Pick up the casting with the remaining core package and emptying the drag flask of core sand residues
  • Ejecting the drag flask
  • Separating the core sand fraction from vent pipes and returns
  • Crushing the core lumps to single grain
  • Separating fine iron
  • Buffer silo
  • Warm reclamation in jet stream
  • Classifying and dedusting 
  • Cooling
  • pH Correction
  • Pneumatic transport in reclaimed sand silo


  • Material tests in the pilot plant
  • Dimensioning of the plant
  • Delivery and commissioning of complete systems

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