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Induction furnaces

Intelligent smelting operations through integration of equipment and data

In addition to the molten base iron from cupola plants, serial casters produce special types of iron in induction furnaces. Küttner is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of induction furnaces available today and knows as a plant manufacturer what must be considered in a smelting operation for the high overall efficiency of the raw materials to the casting.

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Küttner offers complete solutions for induction furnace systems

  • Fully automatic charging systems for scrap, cycle and pig iron
  • Dosing equipment for carburizers, additives and ferroalloys
  • Recooling systems for furnace body, transformer and inverter
  • Furnace dedusting and process gas cleaning
  • Compliance with the limits for dust and noise emission
  • Industrial Information Management with
  • Material and stock management as well as recipe data
  • Calculation of additives and fine dosing of alloys
  • Cost tracking
  • Integrated statistical evaluation
  • Quality Assurance Protocols


  • Planning of complete smelting plants
  • Realization as a semi-turnkey project

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