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Hot blast cupola

Continuous, energetically optimized melting

Hot-blast cupola furnaces are convincing for ow melting costs due to the continuous and energetically optimized counterflow melting with tapping temperatures of 1,520 °C, high metallurgical flexibility (carburizing, alloying and use of cheap scrap), an efficient heat balance through heat recovery - e.g. by the hot blast generation to 600 °C, heating of foreign processes and buildings.

Küttner has built more than 450 cupola furnaces of different types worldwide with melt loads of up to 100 t/h.

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The cupola iron is superior in quality and suitable for the production of GJL, GJS and GJV varieties.

  • Dry gas industry that meets all the usual emission requirements
  • Dry slag granulation


  • Construction of complete hot blast cupola plants
  • Modernization of existing cold and hot blast systems, so that current emission limits are met
  • Performance increase through oxygen use, conversion of furnace and gas handling system
  • Power adjustment / reduction
  • Modernization of process control systems

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The proces know-how is im the Essen headoffices and the US office.

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