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Centrifugal casting

Küttner Centrifugal Casting - with DÜKER Technology – trim cast iron into shape. Our production plants are used worldwide for the manufacture of pipes, cylinder liners as well as other rotation-symmetrical castings made of different materials.

Free Shaping:

Centrifugal castings are not limited to cylindrical parts. Centrifugal sand casting uses sand packages inside a centrifugal casting machine. This process is also known as semi centrifugal casting. Advantages out of two casting processes can be combined: the good molding properties of sand combined with the high G-force mold filling and feeding of the centrifugal casting process.

Besondere Merkmale

  • Suitable Process to many alloys
  • Very good mold filling with higher yield and less porosity
  • Close to net shape parts with lower machine allowances
  • No risers and feeders
    • less cleaning time
    • lower return rates
    • lower melting costs
  • Compound / bi-metallic castings possible


  • Automated centrifugal casting machines
  • Tailormade machine design
  • Machine delivery and installation

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